Luca Conti / Social Media Consultant & Speaker

Luca Conti is an author, a social media consultant, blogger and freelance journalist. He has been blogging since 2002 and thanks to that he has been one of the most famous blogger in Italy. He has been working for many international companies as RAI, Mediaset, Vodafone, Nestlè, Campari, Eli Lilly and SMBs around Italy and Europe. He is a visiting professor in Milano-Bicocca University, teaching Web marketing. Luca Conti wrote 15 books for Hoepli Editore, including best sellers as “Facebook marketing”, “Inbound marketing”, “Content Marketing” and 5 For dummies: “Facebook marketing for Dummies” and “Blogging For Dummies”. He was embedded blogger in Afghanistan with US Nato in 2011. He likes to travel and so far he touched ground in 54 countries around the world.